RealShield™, Innovative Face Covering Design is the New Gold Standard of PPE

RealShield™, Innovative Face Covering Design is the New Gold Standard of PPE


LAS VEGAS RealShield™ by Racing Optics Inc., an affordable premium face-covering made in the US is quickly becoming the best-in-class solution for businesses as they seek to remain compliant with new reopening guidelines across the country. 


Protecting people and surfaces is in the DNA of the company. Our teams designed RealShield™ from scratch using the latest findings from experts and scientists. It’s the most optically clear face shield on the market,” said Christophe Fremont, Chairman of the Board of Racing Optics. “When the pandemic started, we felt a responsibility to use our 20 years of expertise with face coverings in Racing Optics to design a product that offered better protection than a face mask, and Realshield™ was born!”


Racing Optics’ uses patent-pending RealShield™ PPE technology which harnesses decades of product design experience. The RealShield™ delivers a low-cost, reusable face shield that is made of durable, lightweight, and shatterproof LEXAN™ that is 15 mil thick to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from airborne droplets. 


The face shield is comfortable enough for hospitality workers, office staff, teachers, and students to wear for hours. And unlike other face shields or face coverings on the market, RealShield™ is shockingly easy to clean, adds UV protection, and fits on most hats, visors, and hard hats. 


“We are excited to be the premier solution for businesses, schools, and sports venues as they reopen with RealShield™,” said Bart Wilson, President of Racing Optics. “We’re thankful for the opportunity to help entrepreneurs keep their employees and customers safe. We are 100% made in the USA and we are ramping up production of the RealShield™ out of Las Vegas and Chicago to meet the demand of new regulations across the country.” The company is producing two sizes: one for adults and another for youth both available in retail packs of four face shields, small businesses can order bulk packs in quantities of 50 units. 


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About Racing Optics

Racing Optics, Inc. (“Racing Optics”), is a family-owned business headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Racing Optics is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and trusted vendor to some of the world’s best brands, including Oakley, Stryker, NASCAR, and 3M. Its multi-layer removable optical film has been a game-changer in a variety of industries, including in the field of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 


About RealShield™

RealShield™ premium face covering is an optically clear full-face covering that easily attaches to your favorite hat or visor. Patent-pending design is optimized for fit and comfort. RealShield™ premium face covering is an affordable, high-quality solution for any size business and for any individual. Proudly made in the USA.